Ken Wood

PMI Installation, Developer Guide and Sample/Demos

Blog Post created by Ken Wood Employee on Nov 13, 2018

There are currently 3 Installation Guides to accompany the Plug-In Machine Intelligence (PMI) plug-in and one Developers Guide. Also, the demonstration transformations and sample datasets are available. These sample transformations and sample datasets are for demonstration and educational purposes. They are downloadable at the following,


Download Link and Document Name
PMI_1.4_Installation_Linux.pdfInstallation guide for the Linux OS platform.
PMI_1.4_Installation_Windows.pdfInstallation guide for the Windows OS platform.
PMI_1.4_Installation_Mac_OSX.pdfInstallation guide for Mac OS X platform.
PMI_Developer_Docs.pdfA developer's guide to extending and contributing to the PMI framework.
PMI_MLChampionChallengeSamples.zipThis zip file contains all of the sample transformations, sample folder layouts and datasets for running the Machine Learning demonstrations and the Machine Learning Model Management samples. This is for demonstration and educational purposes.
PMI_AddingANewScheme.pdfThis documents describes the development process of exposing the Multi-Layer Perceptron (MLP) regressor and classifier in the Weka and scikit-learn engines.