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Bill Crowley
Hello, we've been successfully using PDI (kettle) since version 6.0.  We've developed some utility transformations that we want to make available to others less technical on our team.  Our goal is to deploy these on BI Server and let users execute the transformations from BI Server.  All the documentation I can find seems old or incomplete, about… (Show more)
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Emanuel Genovese
Click to view contentbuenos dias tengo la siguiente consulta alguien sabe por que el pentaho aggregation designer me arroja el siguiente error le sinformo que la tabla existe y tambien que la misma cuenta con primary key. Aguardo sus comentarios saludos
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Chris Puliafico
Is it possible to point multiple BI server install to the same SQL DB repository? I could not find any docs that said yes or no so i figured i would ask.   Thanks,
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Tsiden Dylgerov
Hi, I have a problem with LanguagePackInstaller. When i run 'ant resolve' command, it's a build error pentaho#cpf-core;8.1-SNAPSHOT: not found pentaho#cpf-pentaho;8.1-SNAPSHOT: not found pentaho#cpk-core;8.1-SNAPSHOT: not found pentaho#cpk-pentaho5;8.1-SNAPSHOT: not found. Such urls like … (Show more)
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Alberto YUALE
I am installing a language pack (Spanish). I follow the instructions and when executing the installer, it does nothing. In the log, it puts the following error:   ERROR [pt.webdetails.cpf.InterPluginCall] 'renderer' bean not found in pentaho-cdf-dd
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Anderson Calixto
Click to view contentAfter adding one job that uses parameters to Pentaho schedules, when trying to edit these parameters the values appear like: "[Ljava.lang.String;@63ecdf7..." instead of the real value. I saw this problem in 8.1 and 8.2 version, maybe is older than this. Maybe some problem in this JAX-RS service serialization… (Show more)
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David McWhinnie
Using 8.2 here and have enabled SAML authentication.  This all works great and allows me to embed dashboards in my other applications and not prompt for psswords multiple times.  However, I would also like to use PDI with the Pentaho server as a repository, pragmatically control CDA cache via PDI, and run the command line export-import for backups… (Show more)
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Bill Moore
Click to view contentWhile using the jobStatus endpoint, the images generated by the jobImage webservice are garbled. I'm running BA Server 7.1 on CentOS 7.  What do I need to install/configure to get the images to render correctly?   Thanks! Bill
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Dirk Sachse
Hi, I just set up a fresh pentaho BI Server and I get this error in catalina.out:   ERROR: Bundle pdi-osgi-bridge-activator [184] Error starting mvn:pentaho/pdi-osgi-bridge-activator/ (org.osgi.framework.BundleException: Activator start error in bundle pdi-osgi-bridge-activator [184].) java.lang.NullPointerException   Can anyone… (Show more)
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