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Vignesh JM
Goal: To restrict users from logging in more than once (having multiple HTTP sessions associated with the same username). As a concrete example, consider that jerry logs in. Now consider that jerry attempts to login from a different machine (or even a different browser within the same machine). We wish to prevent the second login from succeeding.
in Pentaho Server
jean-pierre polnareff
Click to view contentHi everyone !   I'm new to Pentaho, but I had tested Jaspersoft several months ago, and something disturbs me in the Pentaho Server "Open Files" menu. Indeed, in jaspersoft, it is possible to see the creation date of a file, it's description, it's type, ... : But in the Pentaho menu, we have only the "Type" and the "Last modified" attributes… (Show more)
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Arnaud Simon
Click to view contentHello everyone,   I'm new to pentaho and i have created a data source based on the sample mysql database "foodmart" in the data source model editor, all the structure was filled automaticely with hierarchies, fields, ... : When i want to create a new analysis report with pentaho Analyser, the data is displayed that way (too messy in my… (Show more)
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Akshit Mittal
Hi, I have a requirement of creating Language Packs for regional indian languages and I am unable to find any documentation regarding this. I went through this thread: The two links provided though aren't much help. Can someone help me out?
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Carsten Dreesbach
We have a PDI installation (yeah, I know, suuuper-old, but there's a lot of code we don't directly control hitting it, making upgrading the box hard) where we use the carte HTTP APIs to submit transform jobs (we have written some extensions for that as well, but that's not really relevant to this question).   We used to have an nginx… (Show more)
in Pentaho Server
Shubham Bhardwaj
Hi All, I wanted to go from my Login Page directly to a dashboard (instead of the Home page) (Pentaho BA Server version 8.0). For this, I made appropriate change in the biserver-ce/tomcat/webapps/pentaho/index.jsp file as shown below :     <html> <head> <title>Pentaho BI Platform</title> < META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="0;URL=./Home"… (Show more)
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dbl dbl
Click to view contentI just deployed pentho 8.2. When the report produced by pentaho 8.2 report-designer is published to pentaho 8.2 server, only the text output type can be selected to open the report. The other output types will report errors, and the preview can be displayed normally in the report tool.Technological cafes can help me see how to solve this problem.… (Show more)
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Liaw Yit Sun
My team members are pentaho users and we customers asking for the software and services. We asked around, searched and even left messages in Hitachi Vantara but no answer or response at all. Is there no plan to sell??
in Pentaho Server
Marco Cavalazzi
Good morning,     I am writing to you to ask for advice. I am setting up the SAML authentication for Pentaho Business Analytics 8.2. I have almost completed the task, managing to redirect to the SAML Login service and authenticate, but in the last step, when Pentaho receives the reply from the SAML Login service containing the SAML Response, it… (Show more)
in Pentaho Server
Neale Austin
Hi all,   I am working on a REST integration with Pentaho CE For testing purposes I am using RESTLet Client plugin on Chrome, but ultimately I will be integrating using a Java program.   All the GET requests I make are successful (both through RESTLet and Java), but when using Basic Authentication with the Base64 encoded admin user… (Show more)
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