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Robert b Barker
I am trying to install and run Pentaho Community Edition 8 on the Centos 7 Linux distribution. All instructions I can find seem to be out of date. Is there a current set of instructions for installing, configuring and starting CE 8?   I have gotten as far as downloading and unzipping:… (Show more)
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Juanjo Ortilles
At Jortilles we developed WAQE. An easy to use replacement for WAQR.   We just released the 1.1 version  wich is working in ba-server 7, 7.1 and 8.   More information could be found here: WAQE-EN - Jortilles   It allow to make simple querys to metadata. Filter them and export to excel.   All feedback is welcfome.   Cheers.
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Cordell Hutchings
Hi everyone, I have an install on Pentaho BI server 7.1 on my local machine (Mac OSX) and have created a cube using the Data Source Wizard. I can access the cube through a new query in Saiku CE etc. but am struggling to connect to it using YellowFin BI, which is requesting an XMLA URL. I've googled but have not really found an answer that can… (Show more)
in Pentaho Server
Hi all, I use a pre-configured version Pentaho 7.1 that comes with Apache Tomcat Version 8.0.43. Now the Apache Tomcat team announces that support for Apache Tomcat 8.0.x it's over (on 30 June 2018). How can I upgrade my 7.1 Pentaho installation to latest version of Apache Tomcat? Thanks!!
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Gianantonio Deho
Hello All, i just installed the Bi server ce on my linux server on the internet. All works fine. With PSW,  When i try to publish the mondrian schema i get this error on the server's logs. (pentaho.log and catalina.out) Could you please point me in the right direction? Thank you Gianantonio   ERROR [AnalysisDatasourceService]… (Show more)
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Efren Perez
It could be possible to authenticate users by CAS with Pentaho Server 8.0 CE?
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Eric Rosales
Hi...I'm new to pentaho...I will use it to build some dashboards and reports for an educational institution...I tried the EE and I really like it...I use the EE try-out for teaching purposes...but now as I need to deploy some solutions and due to public budget I will show the implementation of a BI solution using this platform... I already have a… (Show more)
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Sergey Khakhichev
Hello, guys. Thats it, I give up. Please tell me how can I get same width for all bullet charts in each row of table. Where is this magic option?  
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Luca Mastrogiovanni
hi, I have to integrate pentaho  8.1 (which supports mondrian 3) and saiku with apache kylin. I tried to use kyligence but only supports mondrian 4, is there anyone who can give me some suggestions?
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Brandon Jackson
Does anyone happen to know the status of Mondrian 4.x? It appeared very promising. Is 3.x approaching what 4.x was intended to do?   Thank you for any information or discussion. The last I saw of Mondrian 4 was when it became an OSGI plugin a few releases ago.   Brandon
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