Hitachi Storage Management Pack for vCenter Operations Manager (vCOps) and vRealize Operations (vROPS) - Tips

Document created by Paul Morrissey Employee on Feb 19, 2015
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Background: Hitachi provides a management pack for vRealize Operations (vROPS), formerly knows as vCenter Operations Manager (vCOps). We support v5.8 and v6.0

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A: A common issue that has been seen with initial setup is in regard connectivity between Hitachi MP and Storage Management software (HdVM). Below are some tips you might find useful to solve the connectivity issue. "Unable to establish a valid connection to the target system"


connection error.png


Few things to check:


1) Screenshot of Adapter configuration with required ports:


2) Confirm whether SSL for HDvM/HTnM is configured properly and is accessible over https.

     -  Test by accessing HDvM/HTnM using url:
           https://<IP of HDvM>:22016/DeviceManager/ or
           https://<IP of HTnM>:22016/TuningManager/

           Login HDvM/HTnM with the view only access trying to use it in above screenshot.

3) Confirm REST API is enabled

     - C:\Program Files (x86)\HiCommand\TuningManager\jp1pc\htnm\bin>htmrestctrl.exe on

4) Confirm port numbers 2443 ; 22016 ; 24223 to 24226, 24231 to 24234 are open between HDvM/HTnM server and vCOPS server.

5) Confirm whether userid you are entering in Adapter Instance has required permissions to HDvM/HTnM.