HCP Access Log Collector

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In version 7.2, HCP introduced a new MAPI endpoint to facilitate the programmatic download of internal log files.


For customers in need to keep records of all access to their HCP systems, the HCP access log collector provides an easy to use tool for collection and storage of the access logs related to the REST-based interfaces HCP provides.


The tool's features are:


  • Collect from a single as well as from multiple HCP systems in a single run
  • Supports the collection of
    • Data access logs
    • MAPI access logs
    • Admin access logs
  • Keeps track of when it did collect last time, to make sure it doesn't collect more than needed
  • Stores the collected logs in a folder structure that can be easily used ba analyzation tools
  • Stores to local disk and/or to an HCP Namespace and sets retention if required
  • Logs its activity to stdout and/or to disk file, including configurable log rotation


The tools manual, including download and installation instructions, is available here.

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