Posting a Status Update in a Group

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HDS Community User Guide > Getting More Out of Content > Status Update Tips and Tricks > Posting a Status Update in a Group

There may be times you want to limit your status update to only a specific group in your community. When you post a status update to a group, only members and/or people following the group will see the update in their attention streams. If the Overview page of the group includes the Recent Activity widget, the status update will be displayed there as well.


To post a status update for a group:

  1. You can create a group update from either the News page or the group's Activity page (Note: Some groups do not use Activity pages.).
    • Activity Page: Go to the Activity page for the group where you want the status update to display.
    • News: Click Change next to your community name, and then select or type the name of the group from the group picker.
  2. Type your status update in the What's going on? box next to your avatar.
  3. Click Post.