Meet HDS at VMUG Netherlands - 16th March 2017

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Twitter handles: @HDS_Netherlands @HDS_EMEA


HDS is delighted to be a Gold sponsor at the Netherlands VMUG 2017 where we will be presenting on and showing demos on NSX with VMware vRealize and Hyperconverged VSAN.

Come and meet with us at the event.


What is VMUG?

VMware User Group (VMUG) is an independent, global, customer-led organization, created to maximize members’ use of VMware and partner solutions through knowledge sharing, training, collaboration, and events.

VMUG UserCon 2017 is the major annual event of the Dutch user group VMUG. After the resounding success of the 2015 and 2016 it is officially the biggest UserCon in the world!


Speaker SessionSpeakerTime & Location

Why NSX in Hitachi Enterprise Cloud is a game changer

An outcome based, automated solution enabling easy consumption of IT with a predictable cost is the solution that most organisations are in search of.  Hitachi Enterprise Cloud is all of this, delivering a fast time to value  to the business. However, a fully automated solution cannot be achieved by using traditional networking.


Technology has moved on and by taking a combination of vRealize and NSX to build Hitachi Enterprise Cloud, this system is capable of solving traditional automation challenges as well as delivering  bleeding edge network virtualization requirements. All of this comes pre-engineered with functionality ready for action on day one.


Join me at my session which will include a 10 minute live demo - deploying and running an NSX based application. You will get a deep look into the system and see how the solution is technically engineered with additional value add functionality integrated within the solution.

Valentin Hamburger - HDS EMEA VMware Solutions Specialist



11.25 - 11.45am

Does Hyperconverged really solve all your Data Center issues?

The ubiquitous Hyperconverged solution offering comes with the promise that it will transform your “old school” Datacenter into an easy, shiny new and inexpensive Datacenter. What’s more, it claims to bring true on-demand capabilities and software defined storage features. This presentation will shed some light on HCI solutions and also highlight where their bigger family members, the converged stack, is most likely to  fill in the gaps where Hyperconverged cannot truly live up to the stated claims.


This session will discuss the benefits and challenges with HCI and with converged offerings. It will also highlight the differences between the systems – since they share a common name but do not necessarily share a common feature base. You will learn how to identify which solution might fit your challenges and also how to weigh up the pros and cons of each of the technologies.

Otto de Vroomen - Principal Solution Consultant - Netherlands



3.00 -   3.20 pm



Deploy an Application using dynamic DMZ creation


The purpose of this demonstration is to show what is possible with modern network virtualisation inside a state of the art cloud installation. Its technical use case is to limit attack surface and enhance the security of applications by giving just the right amount of access to the separate services.


The business case is to ease deployment of complex applications in order to significantly accelerate availability of new services and time to market.

Hitachi Enterprise Cloud (HEC)

  • This demo will show the deployment of a multi VM application consisting of a Webserver as well as a Database server. The Database server VM will be deployed in a separate database network which runs within the perimeter of the datacenter. The Webserver will be deployed in a DMZ. The DMZ is not existent prior to the deployment and will be created automatically. Also the routing as well as security and firewall settings will be set during the deployment. This is done by using NSX as a network virtualisation layer - the user will only be able to order the complete service as a one click stop.
  • The demo will be concluded by accessing the Webserver using its on demand created IP address. The Webserver will show a timestamp and date from the database server in order to demonstrate this has just been deployed.

Hitachi Unified Compute System - Hyper Converged (UPC HC)

Show how easy it is to get going with Hitachi Unified Compute System - UCP-HC. The purpose of the demonstration is to show the simplicity of interacting with the VMware virtual SAN components.


From a technical perspective the solution is lightweight and very simple to install in any datacenter. It is a perfect match for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) as well as for branch offices or SoHo environments. However it can also be expanded to more demanding use cases if required.


In addition, we explain HDS specific functionalities such as Hitachi Data Ingestor (HDI) and the use of Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) in conjunction with a VDI deployment as a high available profile or document store. HCP is compatible with UCP HC giving additional value to the overall solution.


The business case for this solution is to save time and effort in getting an effective and certified VMware solution to run. UCP HC can be deployed in minutes and is 100% certified and supported by HDS and VMware and can be easily found on the hardware compatibility guide.

UCP HC (VSAN Ready Nodes)

  • The demo will highlight the basic settings of a VSAN enabled cluster plus the base disk configuration as well as the most important VSAN settings.
  • We will show how to deploy multiple VMs with different high availability settings (Failures to Tolerate) demonstrating its versatility.


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Who will be at VMUG from HDS?

Valentin Hamburger - VMware Solutions Specialist - EMEA

Otto de Vroomen - Principal Solution Consultant - Netherlands

Patrick Pannekoek - Business Development Director  UCP Cloud - EMEA

Vere Perry - Product Marketing Private/Hybrid Cloud - EMEA

Javed Shams - Account Manager - Netherlands

Hendrik V. Harskamp - Technical Account Manager - Netherlands