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CTE is a text editor that allows users to quickly edit some content on the solution repository without having to go through the process of download / upload. It leverages the capabilities of the Ace editor, providing a great syntax highlighter and error checking for the supported languages.


Credits: Pedro Teixeira; André Jorge; Pedro Gonçalves


Version: TRUNK

License: MPLv2

Available in: Marketplace




CTE takes special care with security, only files for which the user has write permissions can be edited. But on top of that, CTE explicitly denies access to some files:

  • prpt
  • ktr
  • kjb
  • binary images
  • compressed files

These settings, and more, can be changed in the system/cte/settings.xml file.




CTE is pluggable, you can define multiple providers, that's the list that appears in the accordion on the left of the UI;
Currently CTE supports 4 providers, as defined in the file system/cte/plugin.spring.xml, but anyone can develop a new provider and a new top level choice will appear in CTE.


Content repository provider

This provider allows users to browser and edit files that exist on the server's content repository.


Mondrian schema provider

Allows users to directly edit mondrian schema files. As soon as the schema changes, the cube will be refreshed and you can immediately see the results.
Please note that while ACE shows great feedback on your xml structure, it won't guarantee that it's a valid mondrian schema, so consider that and keep an eye on the logs.


Generic file system provider

A generic file system provider, this allows users to edit files present in the system folder;
By default, we have an instantiation of that provider for CTE plugin.


App Builder file system provider

Allows users to edit the resources in App Builder apps (except App Builder itself, for security purposes) - after all, App Builder is amazing, we all know that



File types

CTE is also registered it so that you can directly click Edit from the browse files perspective on some file types:

  • cdfde
  • css
  • html
  • properties
  • txt
  • xml