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The model consists of two parallel lanes: one for Community and customer-sponsored projects and a second for projects which are part of the official Pentaho offering.


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The Project Maturity Classification is the central piece on a strategy that aims to use the Community as a vehicle to reach our goals faster. The two-lane approach aims to promote innovation, clear out what is and what isn't supported and which levels of support attached to them, and clarifying to prospects / customers/ community/ etc how Pentaho leverages it's Open Source roots and how that puts us to a huge advantage compared to the rest of the competition.



Community lane projects classification

Projects in the Community Lane are created by contributors in the Community and exposed through the Pentaho Marketplace. The Community Lane will also be used for projects created by Pentaho Consulting or Engineering Services, in which case they will be managed so they do not conflict with the long-term architecture and functionality planned in the Pentaho product roadmap.

1. Development


Development phase of a project. Highly unstable, not distributed through the marketplace.

2. Snapshot


Likely unstable release, good for testing and evaluation but not recommended for production use.

3. Stable


Adoption is ramping up and product could be used in production environments.

4. Mature


Last stage of a project, indicates a successfully adopted project in a mature state.



Customer lane projects classification

Projects in the Customer Lane can either start as customer-sponsored initiatives or as projects developed in the Community Lane that create value for Pentaho subscription customers. Pentaho will provide official support based on current support policies to projects on the Customer Lane.

1. Development


Start up phase of an internal project. Usually a Labs experiment.

Team involved


2. Snapshot


Unstable and unsupported branch, not recommended for production use.

Team involved

Serv Dev.

3. Limited


Assistence given by Services Development with no contractual support for production environments.

Team involved

Serv Dev. | Support

4. Production


Production release with PM assigned, fully supported as part of the Pentaho release cycle.

Team involved

Eng. | PM | Support | QA | DOC


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Marketplace in Pentaho 6.0+

If you're using the Community Edition of Pentaho 6.0+ you don't have to worry about this - Marketplace comes with it and it's ready to be used. If you have Pentaho 6.0+ Enterprise Edition and go to Marketplace Public Site to try to download the Marketplace plugin, you'll see it's not there. The reason for that? It's an OSGi plugin and you already have it, but it comes disabled by default. Here are the instructions on how to enable it:

  1. Edit the file
  2. Find the key "featuresBoot" and add the feature "pentaho-marketplace". That line will then be something like:

Restart your server, and you're done!



Marketplace in Pentaho 5.4

Just unzip the marketplace folder in your /system/ folder, restart your server and you're done.

Pentaho 5.4