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To do Hornet plugin harness testing

Question asked by Anand Samarpathy Employee on Jul 20, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2017 by Ben Isherwood

Our project has built a custom plugin to read a special file type called SEGY.

We are trying to do harness testing for our custom plugin.



So, we have created a jar file for the custom plugin with all the dependent resources.



Below is the command we have used to test the plugin:

"plugin-test -j "C:\Users\admin\Documents\Hornet-Clone\Hornet-Clone\Hornet\Hornet-Seismic\target\hornet-seismic-1.0.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar"



Below is the error message we got:

"Error: URI has an authority component"



We're wondering if there's anything can be done to avoid this issue.