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Poll created by Ken Wood Employee on Jun 21, 2013

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"R", pronounced 'AAARRR', is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics. It compiles and runs on a wide variety of UNIX platforms, Windows and MacOS. R is similar to Matlab, Mathmatica, SAS, SciLab, etc. with a huge open community support system. I call it a different kind of IDE (Information Development Environment). It is one of the favorite tools in a Data Scientist's tool chest.

Personally, I have recently been using R to demonstrate many of my Big Data projects wherever I can. Mostly for the graphic and visualization capabilities after the data manipulating stage. And while I haven't even come close experimenting with all of the available plug-in packages for R, I'm trying to get more and more familiar with all of R.

One way I do this is by subscribing to the R-bloggers mail list which is a daily newsletter of collected R related topics and blogs, but mostly cool working code samples and use cases. This newsletter can be found here at R-bloggers | R news & tutorials from the web. My most recent favorite piece is "Arteries of the World" describing the plotting of billions of geo-tagged tweets in about 20 lines of R code. It can be read here The arteries of the world, in Tweets. The pictures are awesome!

Checkout R and get started looking at Big Data from a Data Scientist's point of view.

The R Project for Statistical Computing


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  • When discussing Big Data and analytics with customers, "R" does come up.
  • I thought "R" is how a pirate acknowledges you in agreement.
  • I never get to this level of discussion with my customers, should I?