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Posted By A Pentaho User 01-19-2023 11:32
Found In Community: Pentaho
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Hi, Have a need to be able to SHA256 hash UTF-16 encoded content (due to character set requirements) within a transformation. These hashes need to be independently validated on other systems that also use UTF-16 so processing within Pentaho needs to be UTF-16 during the hashing step. The problem I have ...
Posted By A Pentaho User 06-14-2022 11:00
Found In Community: Data Management & Analytics​
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Hi, I have a fairly complex Pentaho (Kettle) ETL process that is now taking longer than 10 hours to complete. It opens up connections at different points to kerberos protected databases. The kerberos authentication is fine and works, but only until the Kerberos ticket expires at 10 hours. We have an ...