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API usage obtaining a list of Agent for RAID instances

Question asked by jordan smith on May 25, 2016

I have started to dabble in the HTnM API a bit and have been using the API guide.

I am able to make the initial request https://hostname:port/TuningManager/v1/configuration/Version and get a successful response:


<Response [200]>

{u'description': u"'granularity' and 'accessMode' are supported as query string keys for obtaining performance data.", u'productVersion': u'8.1.4', u'apiVersion': u'1.1', u'productName': u'Hitachi Tuning Manager'}


I then tried to get a list of the agents on my system to be able to use them in queries. https://hostname:port/TuningManager/v1/objects/AgentForRaid based on the details listed on page 3-17.

The query fails:



"message":"A required parameter is not specified. (parameter name = agentInstanceName, hostName)","messageID":"KATR12006-E","actions":["Check whether the necessary parameters are specified."]}'


The documentation says that I shouldn't need that info and I need to run that command to get the info that the command is requesting. So I am stuck.

How can I fix this error? Or is there another way to obtain the agentInstanceName that I need to use to query through the URI?