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Why is Hi-Track Monitor reporting Bad Request ID for only one of my Cisco MDS fabric switches.

Question asked by Carl Noble on Jun 29, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2017 by Carl Noble

I have 7 MDS switches being monitored by Hi-Track v7.3 and all show status OK except for one.  I have 2-MDS9222i, 2-MDS9148, 2-MDS9706 and 1-MDS9250i.  I originally had 2-MDS9509 and the 2-MDS9222i and today I removed the MDS9509s that went back on lease and added the five new switches.  The 9148s and 9706s came up as OK but the 9250i alternates between "No SNMP Response" and "Bad Request ID".  I have compared configurations both on HiTrack and the MDSs and don't see anything that looks like a problem.  I have verified the username and SNMP user are the same.  The 9250i and the 9706s are running the same NX-OS version 6.2(13a).


What else should I look for?