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RAID expansion

Question asked by Jeanar Tanong on Jul 7, 2016

Hi to all,


This is my first in this forum so please bear with me.


We deployed for already 9 months now our HUS 110 with RAID10 (2D+2D) with spare and RAID6 (4D+2P). Now my question is it is possible to expand the RAID10 to 4D+4D with spare and RAID6 to 8D+2P without losing production data? Assuming the disk size to add is the same disk size in the respective RAID group. This storage server together with virtual host server, core switch and firewall is protected by 6KVA UPS with approximately 35 mins of run-time in case of power failure.


Correct me if i'm wrong that the proper way to expand the RAID Group is in "StorageName->Groups>Volumes->RAID Groups->SelectRG->ExpandRG" of the Storage Navigator.