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Namespace browser on HCP v7.2.0 including previously deleted files after paging?

Question asked by Doug Toppin on Jul 27, 2016

I am seeing some odd behavior with the namespace browser on HCP v7.2.0. When I go to a directory that has more than one page of files in it I see what I expect and can page forward using 'next' and also see what I expect. However, if I click 'Previous' I now see many files that have been previously deleted and numerous pages appear instead of just the original 2. Paging around I think then includes any file ever deleted. This happens with Chrome, Safari and Firefox on my MacBook Pro so I know it is not browser specific. Has anyone ever seen this happen before?


If I navigate up one level and then back down again the expected directory contents appear but the problem behavior happens again if I page to Next and then Previous again.