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The "quota list" command on the CLI is very nice for generating quota information in real time for a particular set of users/groups, filesystems, vivols, etc.  However, if you're like me, you would really like to see that data in some form that's easy to grep(1), sort(1), etc.  Not entirely unlike the repquota(8) output that most *nix SAs are used to seeing.  There's always send-quota-report, but that looks like it can only show all quotas in the system, and only by sending a CSV file to an email address.


So I have a quick and dirty little python script to parse the "quota list" output and generate a more manageable format.  Since we don't seem to be able to post documents to this space (perhaps this is something the board moderators could fix?), I'll just paste a URL.








Note that this script is intended to read input from stdin, which means you can use your favorite ssh incantation to log into the Titan and run your "quota list" for whatever info you're interested in, then pipe it into this script.