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VSP G200 and ESXi 6 iSCSI conections

Question asked by B165E2JZ on Mar 2, 2018

Hi All,
I have problems connecting vSphere ESXi 6 servers to a VSP G200 using iSCSI.
Everything is up and running but 2 out of 5 hosts do not see a path to one port on the storage.

And I'm talking about different ports on the storage side.

In other words, the iSCSI software adapter sees 6 connected Targets, instead of 8 (4 ports on the storage).  the LDEVs.


The hosts have 2 ports network adapters, connected to 2 different switches and from there to the 4 ports on the storage. The switches have interconnections used for traffic. The iSCSI targets are presented on all 4 ports on the storage. So from each port on the ESXi server I should see the target on all 4 ports on the storage.


I have created the iSCSI Target in Device Manager - Storage Navigator, I can see all hosts defined in the hosts tab, LUN paths are defined, but I don't see one Login iSCSI name from 2 hosts in the Login WWNs/iSCSI Names Tab.