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Is AIX native MPIO without HDLM to VSP G200 supported?

Question asked by Satoshi Suzuki on Mar 26, 2018
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  Is AIX7.2 connecting two FC HBA ports with AIX native MPIO to VSP G200 supported?


I'm going to install a Power8 S824/AIX7.2 with a Hitachi FC HBA dual ports to VSP G200 for a test system.

(Other than that, several new production systems of S824s with two FC HBAs each and HDLM to VSP G600, too)

For the tiny test system, our vendor didn't include the license charged HDLM supposing to connect the test S824 with a single FC port to VSP G200, while our IT budget for new systems has almost been finalized. 

But I insist on connecting two FC ports to two G200 CHB ports for FC ports redundancy with AIX native MPIO if possible and additional charge for HDLM would not be allowed.  Thus the question has raised.

Thank you for answers and helps.