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Schema Workbench - Level property

Question asked by Francesco Cavalli on Jun 1, 2018


I use Schema Workbench 3.5.11

I have to create a hierarchy like this:

  • Network (Code, Desc, Small Desc)
  • Region (Code, Desc)
  • City (Code, Desc)


I need to create my dimensions:

  • I can to use, I think, all fields like levels: NetCode, NetDesc, NetDescSmall, regCode, RegDesc, CityCode, CityDesc. The user is free to take objects as he wants.
  • I can to use 3 levels (Network, Region, City) and properties for each level: Network (Code, Desc, Small Desc); Region (Code, Desc); City (Code, Desc)


I prefer second exemple, but I would like to know if it's normal that when I drag the object "Region" in the report, I show always the column value of "Region", and after I can select his properties.

I don't want to show always a mandatory value, but only the properties values that user wants.