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PRD vs. Reports on User Console!?

Question asked by Manthan Patel on Oct 22, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2018 by Ana Gonzalez

I have recently started using Pentaho Community, and am bit confused between the components.  As per my knowledge there is a User Console (not sure of its full usage), PDI (for ETL) and PRD (for reports).  Now I am confused between the Report creation on User Console vs. Report creation in PRD i.e. Report Designer tool.  What are the differences?  Are they separate tools?  Can I manage and edit reports created in PRD from the User Console or vice versa ?  Actually I have to deploy pentaho on AWS server where I don't have any UI.  So I am wondering how can I manage my reports created in PRD in aws as I have only the Pentaho User Console on the AWS server accessible via an Interface !?    Can someone help on this please and clear my doubts?