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When will a HDP Pool becomes full ?

Discussion created by Sven Weidenmann Employee on Dec 3, 2018
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2018 by Greg Loose


HDP Pool Capacity is 100TB.

10 DP Volumes ( with the size of 10TB - 42MB) are created and mapped to an server.

Server thinks he knows the LBN's and physic / geometry of the disk.

Server never will request more then 10TB - 42MB for a LUN to have more space for new writes.

Overprovisioning is not reached as we use 100TB - (10 x 42MB)

That means any server regardless how good space reclamation will work can not "trigger" a HDP Pool Full condition.


This is my theory based on "if i give x times 42MB pages to an server, they can not request x+1.

Any douts ?


What are the limits in usage percentage at HDP   when Pool performance will sufer ?

95%, 99% ?

I never did run into such condition, have no experiance ....


Thier is an other discussion, what is the filesystem limit when server's filesystem will suffer with performance and of course must be answered by individuals OS. I ask for HDP.


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