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truecopy and geographically remote sites.

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Dec 7, 2006
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Originally posted by: stephen2615


I am investigating the options about what sort of infrastucture is used to do full replication using truecopy to (could be quite dispersed) remote sites.  HDS showed me this demonstration that used the internet and Universal Replicator.  Nice enough but a little too simplistic for me.

Our infrastructure is based on USP 1100/HP XP 12000's and Cisco MDS 9000 switches.   The Cisco switches offer lots of interesting options for SAN extension such as FCIP and next year, there will be direct integration of DWDM or CWDM into the switch bypassing extra hardware and cost.  Pretty exciting stuff considering the bandwidths available and up to 2000 km for fibre.

So, there are options of using IP which is in the switches already or think about optical (DWDM) next year to remain fully fibre over some long distances.

Would any one care to comment on what they may have done for full replication especially over the 100 kilometre distance where you have to go async.

Thanks for your time.