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VMWare on AMS500

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Dec 10, 2006
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Originally posted by: Reginald

I have an AMS500 box , a 4400 Mcdata switch, 3 hosts of ESX3.1 and 2 hosts of ESX 2.5
I will be zoning 3 hosts of ESX3.1 to one port 0A of controller 0 and 2 hosts  of ESX 2.5 to port 1A of controller 1. I wanted to know the settings for host group created on port 0A and 1A.
What would be the platform and failover (if required) to be specified for each version of ESX.
Also what would be the host connection modes. As per the manual host connection mode 1 should be set to Standard. Is that enough or are there any other settings to be done.