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Uploading files via REST API

Question asked by Dirk Sachse on Feb 27, 2019


I would like to upload files via the REST API and I m not sure if it even works.


The documentation says:


repo/files/{pathId }



Creates a new file with the provided contents at a given path.

Example Request:
PUT pentaho/api/repo/files/:jmeter-test:test_file_1.xml

PUT data:


1This PUT body does not contain data.




pathIdThe path from the root folder to the root node of the tree to return using colon characters in place of / or \ characters. To clarify /path/to/file, the encoded pathId would be :path:to:file.path




My command looks like this:


curl -k -s --basic -u admin:password -X PUT http://localhost:8080/pentaho/api/repo/files/:home:test.kjb


I get this response:


ExceptionOnCreatingFile: File with the name "b_TEST_MONITOR.kjb" will be created.


I m not even sure if the API call does what I need. I have a bunch of KJB file which I need to upload to the server. Is this the right API call or do I overlook something? And is this feature even working properly?


Thanks and Regards