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Issue with creating Virtual Cube

Question asked by Suresh Alavala on Apr 4, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2019 by Suresh Alavala

Good Day Folks, I am using schema workbench to design Virtual OLAP Cube. Steps I have followed is given below:

Step 1: I have used adventure works DW 2017 database

Step2: I Created 2 cubes with 2 different fact tables (FactInternetsales and FactResellers). I have took common dimension as Product Dimension.

Step 3:I have defined Virtual cube there I have defined Dimension Product( from one of the source cube) and I have defined 2 measures and one calculated measure as Fact1 - Fact2.


When I publish the cube its publishing successfully , but these cubes are not appearing in user console. Please help me to resolve my issue.