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Recents and Favorites not working

Question asked by Donato La Perna on Apr 9, 2019

Hi, after installing Pentaho Server 8.2 Community Edition I face the following problem: the first time I create the JCR jackrabbit the Recents and Favorites widgets on the home page of the PUC work fine, but after I stop the server (or reboot the system) these same widgets stop working and I can't save favorites anymore or view the recently opened files. If I drop jackrabbit and re-create it then the widgets work again at the first start, and stop working again from the second time. From the log at catalina.out I see that every time that I try to do one of these actions the log writes:


"ERROR [UserSettingService] Error storing user setting org.pentaho.platform.api.repository2.unified.UnifiedRepositoryAccessDeniedException: access denied while !ExceptionLoggingDecorator.setFileMetadata!"


My system is Ubuntu 18.04, I am using JDK 1.8.0_172, have configured Pentaho to use MySQL as default repository database.


How can I solve this problem? Thanks!