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True Copy Extended

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Feb 6, 2007
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Originally posted by: Mehmet OZDEMIR


We are implementing TrueCopy Extended (TCE) feature at the disaster recovery project of an important customer.

There is one AMS500 and one Cisco MDS9216i at local site and one AMS500 and one Cisco MDS9216i at remote site. All switch configurations and storage path definitions are OK. We defined the TCE paths for MCU to RCU from 0A,1A to 0A,1A, and for RCU to MCU from 0B,1B to 0B,1B.  We can issue paircreate, pairsplit, pairresync with no problem.

When we issue horctakeover command we expect to receive the message ``swap-take over done`` but instead we receive ``svol ssus takeover done``. What can be the reason of this message? Is Swap-takeover Function supported with TrueCopy Extended?

Any help would be appreciated.