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HUS110 drive trays configuration

Question asked by Luca Lunardi Employee on Jun 7, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2019 by David Francis


Could you please help me with a HUS110 configuration?
I am aware of the following:
- Max number of disks that can be installed is 120.
- The maximum number of trays allowed is limited to the System ordered. HUS110 can have a total of 9 DBL trays or 4 DBS trays or a different combination of all (I do not have a table with all the possible combinations)


I have a HUS 110 with the following:
-    1 x CBSS controller box
-    3 x DBS trays
-    2 x DBL trays


Could you please clarify if the above is one of the maximum feasible configuration?
I suppose so, no more trays could be added, but I would like to get a confirmation.