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Tuning Manager reports

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Feb 16, 2007
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Originally posted by: stephen2615


I would like to know what I am looking at when I view reports with Tuning Manager.  I run it every two hours against our hosts, storage and switches.

So, when I see an average response time of 11.0 ms between a host and the storage, what exactly is that?  Is it an average over the last two hours?  How is it calculated?  Where does the information come from?

I have an issue where a Windows host is reporting totally outrageous response times when doing a write to a large LUSE volume.  MS say that LUSE is not ideal for writing to MS SQL server transaction logs.  I know that almost everyone in the world would like transaction logs/redo logs to be on a RAID 1 partition over a RAID 5 one and a LUSE lun over 13 RAID 5 PGs is probably not a good solution......

So, we hope to get decent metrics out of Tuning Manager but if there are major variations over time, surely, we would need to know that instead of just a rounded out number.

I can get a realtime 2 minute view using HSSM but it is painful watching it for any major changes. 

I feel a bit silly if my information is not totally accurate when dealing with arrogant consultants who come up with over the top claims about MY storage.