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Spoon can connect to hive, but kitchen/pan cannot

Question asked by gua xi on Jun 12, 2019

kitchen connect to hive have problem;

Context: prd-ce-, connecting to a HDP hive instance, linux, file repository.


if I delete file data-integration/system/karaf/caches

run ./ -file=/home/kettle/hive_workflow/testHive.kjb sucess

but when I run this cmd second times ./ -file=/home/kettle/hive_workflow/testHive.kjb catch a ERROR

Error connecting to database: (using class org.apache.hive.jdbc.HiveDriver) SQL -

No suitable driver found for jdbc:hive2://data-01:10000/ods


When I use win10 can succeed the second time, so whether it has something to do with the operating system?