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Brocade Conference - Your Thoughts

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Mar 5, 2007
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Originally posted by: daniel2

Hi All,

I was sitting here and thinking about the Brocade conference that was recently on at Sydney. They had speakers from HP, HDS, EMC, NetApp, Brocade etc.

I just thought it was interesting listening to the some of the things that the companies are planing to do. The interesting thing was, the fact that HP, EMC where all pushing the fact that they are going to deliver a tool that does everything. NetApp and Brocade along a similar line that they want to do things one way so when you upgrade or use a different hardware product you use the same software to manage it.

Then came HDS, I thought it was quite funny as they took the total opposite view to that. The words were, we provide a suite of products that allow you to do this and that, up popped a slide that was filled with the Hitachi HiCommand Suite. Now sitting in that room and listen to all this and being a HDS customer, just opened my eyes a little more and how HDS still have a lot of work infront of them in terms of software management tools. I think they need to look what some others companies are doing with regards to user friendly software.

I personally, don't know many people that utilise Device Manager the way HDS intended it to be used. Its definitely not common practice to allocate disk via this tool. As for Tuning Manager, until recently was a really clunky tool to use. Has a lot of information, but how useful is that information if you can not compare it to a best practise guide for HDS storage. Their other software seems to be on the same path.