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AMS1000 Single command device to both UNIX/Windows

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jun 8, 2007
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Originally posted by: anarasim


This question might sound very dumb. We have an AMS1000 with storage provisioned to both Windows and UNIX servers. We are currently doing shadowimage on LUNs provisioned to Windows servers using a separate Windows 2003 Storage management node hosting CCI Server Software and I have provisioned 2 CMD devices from AMS1000 to this Windows CCI server.

Now we have a requirement to do shadowimage of LUNs provisioned to UNIX servers, mount them on to another UNIX Backup Media server for daily backups. I am planning to install CCI Server software for UNIX in AIX Backup Media server and integrate shadowimage with LVM/FS/Backup functions. This requires CMD device(s) from AMS1000 to be provisioned. I understand that maximum of only 2 CMD devices can be set in AMS1000.

My questions are :
-  Shall I provision the same 2 CMD devices to both Windows and UNIX CCI servers? If yes, what will be potential impact?
- Shall I remove 1 of the CMD device from Windows CCI Server and provision it to UNIX CCI Server? This will pose a risk if one of the CMD device fails.

Please advise on best/recommended practices in this scenario.