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Configure path on HDLM for NSc55

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jun 27, 2007
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Originally posted by: sudhirvernekar

Hi Guya,

1. We have assigned a 300 GB LUN from NSC55 from Cl1-A and Cl2-A to AIX server and ODM drivers also installed.
2. Zoning completed successfully and we could see the LUN on the AIX Server.
3. The AIX server contains 2 HBA (HBA0 and HBA1)
4. On the OS side we could only one path that is 1A. (Dlnkmgr view ?path)
5. We have created a LUN on server and did the continuous IO transfer.
6. The failover is not happening properly if we remove the fiber cable from the OS side.
7. in the MPIO it is showing the two paths.

So I would like to know the did we made any mistake or we are missing any things for configuring the things.
why iam not able to see the two path in dlnkmgr status.

waiting for the feedback for the same.