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Hi-Track via FTP and Firewall

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Aug 7, 2007
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Originally posted by: Stephen Kebbell


I was wondering if anyone has Hi-Track working with FTP through a firewall.
Our current Hi-Track server is a physical machine with a modem attached. As this server is rather old, we want to migrate Hi-Track to another server. Our network security people would also prefer if we dumped the modem. So a virtual server seems like an option, if we can get FTP to work.
FTP-access to the outside world is a bit restrictive here, but we can set it up. Our Firewall uses "user after logon" authentication. We need a username/password for the firewall first, then we can access an external FTP-site.
I have been tricking around with the various settings for FTP, but Hi-Track cannot connect to the FTP server. If I run an FTP-Client on the same server, I can connect to the HDS HiTrack FTP server.

Any suggestions or ideas would be welcome.

Thanks and regards,