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Is HDS support there 4 u?

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Sep 28, 2007

Originally posted by: spiffy

I'm wondering about some of the questions posed to this forum, as some seem to be issues that should be handled/implemented as part of the initial setup, knowledge transfer, education from the local HDS SE, Customer Engineer or Sales people who "should be" continuing to communicate with their customers on a regular basis.

So I pose this question:

Do you feel that HDS continues to support, educate and offer adequate assistance to you and your organization - after the purchase and install of the hardware/software is done and the sales people get their checks?  

As a followup, do you feel that they're "out there to help" but you don't know how to get that conversation going again with the sales and technical teams on what's new, best practice, etc. for your organization?

I've seen many installations of HDS gear that "just work" from day one and since there's never an issue, so much time goes by that any new question that comes up the storage teams feel like there's no connection to HDS support anymore, even though it's really there watching over the box remotely all the time.

Does your local team need to tickle HDS to get them to re-evaluate your needs or do they try to engage you to help out on their own?

Especially in some of the more remote geographies and via 3rd party vendors, I can see a wider disconnect.