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MPIO, round_robin algorithm, reserve_policy and HDS disk

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on May 9, 2008
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Originally posted by: whtang


We are currently using this setup where we have the Hitachi AIX MPIO ODM and configured each disk for round_robin.
It seems that we also have to set the reserve_policy to no_reserve to allow the algorithm attribute to be set to round_robin.
It doesn't seem to like the PR_shared or PR_exclusive option as the reserve_policy.
They do seem to be defined as options in the ODM for disk/fcp/htcuspmpio and disk/fcp/htc9900mpio.

Has anyone been able to use PR_shared/PR_exclusive to get disk locking to work?
Without reserves or SCSI locks on the disks, it is possible that the SAN guys are able to de-assign the disk from the system or even assign to another system accidentally. Is there a way set these reserve policies on the disks?