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AMS 1000 & max lun size / recommendations

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on May 15, 2008

Originally posted by: Christopher Meehan

Hello all --

I have just created a Raid group (Raid 5 6+1) with 500GB SATA drives. The application I am using this disk space for is an archiving solution that over the course of 3yrs is projected to need about 2TB. The Raid Group gives me 2748.9TB of disk space before lun creation.

What is best practice here for creating luns for this application?
Seems like the max size I can create is 2TB anyway?
Create one lun at 2TB then another lun with the rest of my disk space?
Or split the total usable up into 2 even sized luns?
Anyway to combine the luns so that a windows host will see them as one large volume?
Bit of a newbie to SAN administration/design so please go easy oh me :) Thanks in advance!