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Maintenance information = 258

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Nov 24, 2009
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Originally posted by: stephen2615


When I upgraded to HTnM 6 some time ago, I noticed that they took away the option of deleting servers from the GUI.  I thought thats ok as I knew how to do it in the CLI.

But something is obviously not right with me just deleting the server that way.  The server stays in the list that is presented in the GUI for ages and when that happens, I get this alert saying something along the lines of:

Maintenance information = 258

This means that the HTnM server stops polling the servers (yes servers - all of them) it manages.  Mostly the polling is not important information such as disk usages and what version of the OS the polled servers are using.  BUT there appears to be a follow on for that.  I have polling setup for SAN switches and it seems that as the polling gets interrupted by this problem, the SAN swtiches are not polled until this 258 thing goes away.  This normally lasts a week.

So, every time I remove a server from HTnM, I have to put up with this annoying 258 message for a week.  In a large environment like mine where we have hundreds of SAN attached servers, its a pretty regular thing to have to delete servers.

I raised this with HDS support a long time ago and it seems that version 6.3 will fix this.  Almost two years..

I also have seen issues with Maintenance information = 257 but I can fix that one.  258 is just a major annoyance.

The last thing that can make this into a joke is that the server has to be available before you can delete it. 


The command cannot delete the service information for the Agent if the connection cannot be established. 


Where did that come from?  If the server is dead, then what?  Quote Star Wars.. Use the force ..

Does anyone else have this 258 problem?  I have three HTnM servers and all three report the same thing so it can't be localised to one server.