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Storage Navigator Modular 2 CLI - DMEA001052

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jan 9, 2012
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Originally posted by: Andi


does anybody know that error message:
[code]auunitchg -unit AMS2500_12345678 -newunit AMS2500_LOC
Are you sure you want to update the unit information? (y/n [n]): y
DMEA001052: The additional information file cannot be opened. Confirm the execution environment.[/code]

Here is the output from the cuilog file
[code]2012 01/09 Mon 14:02:52.877 auunitchg Version 11.52 (20110817.00)
2012 01/09 Mon 14:02:52.877 auunitchg auunitchg -unit AMS2500_12345678 -newunit AMS2500_LOC
2012 01/09 Mon 14:02:55.540 auunitchg Error code = 0x00000A06 Error = DMEA001052[/code]

It looks like that the auunitchg command try to edit the file "additional information file"!
But what is the exact name of this file?

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