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Storage Manager for VMware vCenter and AMS integration

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Jan 23, 2012
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Originally posted by: MSM

I?ve recently started using Storage Manager for VMware vCenter and have few questions/suggestions.

If I understand it correctly, product support matrix in documentation states that Storage Manager for VMware vCenter (SMVC from now on) is supported only on Server operating systems. I?d hope that Hitachi included support for Windows XP/7 operating systems, as it is probably most used platform for VMware system administration today. Administrative workstations running server operating systems require additional OS license, something that can add quite a cost in large environments. Still, we haven?t had any problem with SMVC running on 32-bit Windows 7, but we haven?t had any luck getting it to run on 64-bit Windows 7. We tried it on multiple 64-bit Windows 7 systems, but we always receive ?Failed to discover ESX host information? (even when running vSphere client as admin) message from vSphere Client. Has anyone managed to get it working on 64-bit Windows 7?

As for my suggestions:
- Datastore tab currently shows all Datastores multiple times, once for each ESX host. Although technically it may be the most precise way, I think that in practice it is flawed. When you have large number of ESX hosts, things get messy very quickly. I suggest that single Datastore is shown only once, with ESX host for that Datastore shown (when Datastore is clicked) in separate window like it is showed for VM information details and LU path details now.
- Hard drive tab (currently not available) ? there should be technical information on hard drives used inside RG/LUN/Datastores available to vCenter. Hard drives should also be shown when clicked on VM in VM tab.
- Performance information (currently not available) ? there could be correlation of RG/LUN/Datastores with performance information available from vCenter itself. Although this is tricky, since Hitachi plugin would show information from VMware that probably cannot be as precise as information that Hitachi can get from its array.

Thanks, MSM