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Single LUN throughput with VSP

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Apr 20, 2012
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Originally posted by: Ciro Iriarte

Hi, I'm testing transfer rates on a toy server running SLES11-SP2 writing to a LUN with "dd" and I always find a peak of ~300MB/s. It doesn't matter if I launch more processes, the transfer rate is always the same.

Later tried with Oracle Orion and I saw the same thing, but using 8 or 10 LUNs I managed to get ~700MB/s. Given all LUNs reside in the same DP pool (always the same physical disk count), is there anything that can be tuned on the Linux host to get the same throughput using just one LUN from a DP Pool?. The only queue size I found is on the HBA configuration, which is set to 32 by default and matches the VSP host connectivity guide for Linux.

Storage: VSP
Cache: 96GB
DP Pool: 128 disks in RAID1
FE: 4 x 8Gbps port used in this test

Any thoughts?

# Edit
The test was a simple "synthetic test" writing 10GB with DD, with bs=8k