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Unmapping ldev from Dummy hostGroup  causes outage?

Discussion created by Legacy HDS Forums on Apr 11, 2013
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Originally posted by: Nikhil

Unmapping ldev from Dummy hostGroup  causes outage????
If that ldev have 4 paths out if which 2 paths are from dummy hostGroup and remaining 2 are in production.
I want to unmap ldev only from dummy HostGroup but that ldev is also mapped to another HostGroup which is in production.
If I unmap that ldev only from dummy HostGroup, will it cause an outage ???

We have HDS cluster installed for True Copy having integration with SQL cluster so that at the time of failover to DR site the replication role is reversed  as soon as  SQL cluster is failed over to DR site.

Something triggered HDS cluster failover and we want to know whether unmapping ldev only from 2 paths of dummy HG (keeping the other 2 paths which are in production intact) triggered HDS cluster failover.