Erwin van Londen

We want your feedback on HDS Support

Discussion created by Erwin van Londen Employee on Jun 19, 2013

Working for a company like HDS is a great experience. There are many aspects and opportunities where you can achieve your goals, grow your career and increase your knowledge of many different aspects of technology and techno-business in general.


Since a couple of years I work in the GSC (Global Support Center) organization which, obviously, takes care of things when they do not work as designed or just for general help if things are unclear.


From time to time customers take a couple of minutes to send an email expressing their appreciation and give us a pat on the back and this gives us that warm and cozy feeling (You know what I'm talking about.).


I know there is a saying like "If you're happy with what I did, tell my boss. If not, tell me." and from some other support organizations from other companies you get stoked with emails which ask you to provide feedback via a web-form which takes around 2 minutes to fill in. What you often don't see is that these feedback forms are not personal and are most likely not providing the options how you really feel how your support organization performed and how you perceived the experience.


What I would like to know is how you would express gratitude, comments, remarks or, on the other side, a dissatisfaction if a problem wasn't handled well. Would you take a personal approach and have a face-to-face meeting with your sales rep and discuss the process, would you fill in one of these "feedback web-forms", would you send an email hoping somebody pays attention or would you just think to leave it and never purchase from this vendor again?


I'm always trying to improve on skills that will help me to help you better and solve your problem faster. My take is that there is only one type of customer and that is a satisfied and happy one irrespective which line of business he/she is in. The problem is that if we're not told what you really think it's hard to improve on our processes and people.


So let us know how we're doing and in which way you would normally would like to do this? It likely improves our skills and processes