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HUR reverse sync from SVOL to PVOL

Question asked by Victor Engle on Nov 4, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2013 by Steven Ruby

Hello List,


Quick question for a DR scenario where the primary storage is intact but DR operations have occurred at the secondary site. Let's say I split the HUR group and made them writable to the secondary host. Now, the primary host is back up and I want to fail back to the primary. What is the correct and *least* complex way to do this? In testing, I have used this command from the remote site...


pairresync -g <group> -swaps


This resyncs but swaps the SVOL with the PVOL and in testing this works. Once the group reaches PAIR status I split the group from the primary side and issue the same pairresync command to swap back. In testing this seems to work just fine.


Is there a better or preferred way to do this?