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Understanding initial copy priority

Question asked by Nathan Kippen on Apr 1, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2014 by Vinod Subramaniam

Could somebody please enlighten me... I read the UR manual and I am still a little fuzzy with the priority setting when creating mutiple initial copies during a paircreate operation with Universal Replicator.


My maximum number of initial copies is set to 64. (On my VSP)


If I try to create 40 pairs, and set the priority to 32 on all pairs, then I believe, according to the manual, I should have 40 concurrent pairs actively syncing correct?


If I create another 20 pairs and set the priority to 1 (or any priority) then all those should begin to sync as well resulting in 60 concurrent copy operations. (right?)



I'll try again, but it seems as though if I try to paircreate more than 32 initial copies with the same priority, I can only get 32 copies syncing.



In the example in the book is the following:


If you perform a pair operation for multiple pairs, and then perform another operation for multiple pairs, the pairs in the first operation are completed in the order of their assigned priorities. (So did they assign a unique priority to each pair in each group?)


The system begins processing pairs in the second set when the number of pairs left in the first set drops below the maximum number of initial copy-setting as shown below: