Sebastian Dobre

new training-howto site, please make suggestions

Discussion created by Sebastian Dobre on Apr 30, 2014

Guys/gals i had some success with putting together a site in the past with different info but on a different subject, i decided to give it a try and build something similar for hds. Please feel free to comment, this is now work in progress, i am trying to make this a how to for people that just start with a hds equipment. I only have aroun 10 articles atm, looking to add some more, again i am looking for some input so we can all help newcomers.


PS: forum section will more then likely point here at


The site is (short from to hds or toronto hds)


Just in case you start yelling for the ads ...the ads pay only for the hosting, anyone who did this know that ads can get you around $10/month (anything over the hosting i am donating to Sick Kids hospital)