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HNAS filesystem space usage

Question asked by IK K on Jun 25, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2014 by IK K

Hello, HNAS experts and enthusiasts!

I observe pretty weird situation:

1. Created FS1 and exported via NFS to a linux host

2. Started a copy process of a bunch of files (several gigabytes in total) to the mentioned export

3. Opened another SSH session to the linux in parallel and gave df -h command periodically.


During copy process avalable space for this FS reported by df jumps like: 67%-->54%-->66%-->70%-->61%..etc.

Upon copy finish consumed space reported by df and Web Manager GUI is comparable.

After I delete all or portion of files, freed space (that should be reported by both df and HNAS GUI) appears after several minutes. Until that time it's not possible to use that space at all. All attempts to write something there end up with out of space error.


Any comments on that?