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Quorum communication lost after SMU code upgrade

Question asked by Scott Lewis on Jul 11, 2014
Latest reply on Aug 7, 2014 by Scott Lewis

Everything was working normally in my cluster of 3090-G2's, I upgraded my SMU from 10.2.3072.04 to 11.2.3319.04, SMU came up as normal but now all quorum communications have been lost.


I've rebooted the SMU twice, as well as just restarting the application without a reboot without success.


Each server shows "Link up, no quorum communication" and I've verified the network address assignments have not changed.


Also tried restarting the quorum instances in Quorum Services v2 since my NAS servers are 10.x+


Looking at the boot log from the SMU shows the quorumdev daemon starting but is followed by "unable to find active daemon"


Any ideas on where to look or what to try next?