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HNAS Link-Aggregation or Clustering Network IP (failover)

Question asked by Ray Siripan on Sep 4, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2015 by Julien Rochefeuille

Hi all,


we have a HNAS environment in which the networking currently works using a 6x1gbit link aggregation to a single core cisco backbone.

We have a new requirement however to use 10gbit interfaces (tg1/2) for a couple of 10gbit servers.


unfortunately the servers (which are in a cluster) are attached to 2 separate 10gbit switches (non-stacked) so for the HNAS to connect with resiliency we would need to connect tg1 to one switch and tg2 to the other switch (which rules out using a link-aggregation - you cannot create an etherchannel unless its a single switch or stack of switches).


prior to LACP/Link Agg's, devices used clustering / failover technologies the same way broadcom BACS software does for servers with 2 links on non-LACP compatible switches (i.e. mac address failover/SLB). Does the HNAS employee any active/passive setup for network cards? or do i simply setup a link agg, let the negotation fail and the HNAS chooses one of the links to employee as active??


the help menu really doesnt help in the gui on the HNAS itself.


any input gentlemen (or gentle ladies?)


thanks in advance.