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Discussion created by Kasper Højbjerg on Sep 10, 2014



I have a 2-node hnas cluster. On each node I have one evs and one CIFS server on each. I want to use CNS, so I created the root directory and add'ed a link right under the root level. I created a share on the on the root directory. I want to be able to access the share from both CIFS servers, but when I connect from a client to the "non-owner" evs of the filesystem a link to the content of the filesystem is shown when accessing the share. Is it possible to show the content of the filesystem, independent of which CIFS server I am connecting to from the client?




Connection from client to evs who owns the filesystem.

\\cifs01\share  -- > content of filesystem is visible


Connection from client to evs non-owner of filesystem.

\\cifs02\share --> link to filesystem content is visible